At Rocke Wildlife Studio we will work with you to design and create a fine piece of wildlife art that will preserve your memories for a lifetime.

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Shipping to Rocke Wildlife Studio

Trophies taken throughout the U.S. and Canada

Diagram 2

All big game animals must be skinned and completely frozen if you can drive straight through on your trip home. Otherwise, the whole animal must be skinned and all parts turned and opened, including lips, nose, eyelids, ears, paws or hooves, and tail. On bears and large cats the head and paws are not skinned and are left in the hide.  We also receive deer heads unskinned and frozen. Cool down the animal skin before folding and freezing. Place the frozen skin in an insulated cooler for transporting.  Use diagram 2 to locate cuts for full skins.  The front leg cuts should be more towards the front inside of the leg and the back leg cuts should be more toward the back inside of the leg.  Some full mounts require a dorsal instead of a belly incision.

The hide should then be fleshed and heavily salted, drained, resalted, and dried. At this time the skin can be placed in a cardboard box and transported or shipped to us.  Do not place the skin in a plastic bag.  Use only cloth, burlap, or cardboard.  Trapped moisture can cause skins to rot. 

Usually a taxidermist in the area will be able to do this for you and you can return home.  Do not attempt to fly home with frozen animal hides!

Trophies from outside the U.S.:  Africa, Asia, Canada, Mexico, etc.

All animal skins must be completely salt-cured and dried. Do not place the salted skins in plastic bags for shipping. Use only cloth, burlap or cardboard. Trapped moisture can cause the skins to rot. The skins should then be shipped back to us with their horns and skulls. They will be inspected and cleared through U.S. Customs upon entering the country. It is important to take waterproof pre-printed shipping tags with you on your hunt to ensure the safe arrival of your skins and horns. We will provide each hunter with free Tyvek tags and a hunter information packet. All shipments originating outside of the United States should be sent to the port of Atlanta, Georgia, as follows:

Your Name c/o Rocke Wildlife Studio
Notify Party:  Coppersmith Inc.
114 Southfield Parkway, Suite 170
Forest Park, Georgia 30297
Phone (404)366-1650
Fax (404)366-1649

In order to assure that your trophies reach the safety and security of our studio and save you additional storage charges, please arrange to have shipping details emailed to:

We suggest that you contact our customs broker, Coppersmith, and Lynley Bishop, National Hunting Coordinator or Tammy Lewis, Hunting Trophy Specialist at toll-free (888)827-4388 immediately upon returning from your hunt to provide them details of who now has your trophies.  They will monitor the progress of your trophies' dip and pack processing and arrange the transportation of your trophies to our studio.  They accept all major credit cards in payment of their charges. For additional information on Coppersmith, please visit

Please enclose the following information with your shipment:
Full name
Complete address
Daytime phone number
Fax number
Email address
Any required Hunting License, Permit, Tag or Seal Number

Make sure that every package is carefully addressed and that your name and return address appear on the outside of the package.  If the contents are perishable or need immediate attention upon arrival, please mark the package accordingly.

Comply with all Game Laws and Federal Regulations.


Shipping Your Completed Trophies to You

If it is not practical to pick up your trophies yourself, we will safely ship them to you.

We use and recommend a great company called Trophy Transport.  They are highly trained at moving mounted trophies and have trucks designed for that purpose.

If you would like to check them out, go to or call (877)644-9757.

There is no mark up on the shipping of your trophies, and Trophy Transport has reasonable prices.