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Field Care of Trophies

Call us for Trophy Care Instruction at (309) 467 - 3998

Please consult with us prior to your hunting or fishing trip regarding the field care and shipping of your trophy.  You may also call us at any time during your trip for advice.  Some animals must be skinned in special ways to ensure the best outcome.


Specimens Taken Locally

Diagram 1Big game, such as deer, should immediately be field dressed and brought to our studio for proper skinning.  Do not slit the throat or neck in any manner.  Be sure to stop your field dressing incision behind the front legs.  If you intend to do a full body mount, do not remove any parts that we will need when you field dress it.  Make only one straight cut. 

Always lift the animal off the ground to move it, or place it on a tarp if dragging is necessary.  This will prevent damage to the hair or fur.  Keep your animal dry and in the shade. Bags of ice placed on the head, neck, shoulders and in the gut cavity are helpful.  Bacterial damage starts immediately.  The fact that your specimen is not slipping hair does not mean it has not begun to deteriorate.  If temperatures are close to freezing, you can safely hold your animal one day before bringing it in.

If you cannot bring your trophy in for several days, you will need to skin and freeze it.  Please call us for skinning instructions.  Use diagram 1 to locate proper cuts for shoulder mounts.

If you choose to take your trophy to a locker for processing, we recommend letting us remove the head and skin first.  We will cover the meat with plastic to keep it clean.  If you cannot bring it to us first, be certain to give the locker complete instructions about your trophy.  Find out exactly when it will be ready for pick-up and if it will be refrigerated or frozen.  Never assume it will be handled properly.  Be prompt in picking up your trophy and delivering it to our studio.

We will pick up deer heads left at Bittner's Locker in Eureka, IL (309)467-2731 at your request, but you must first call us (309)467-3998 and make arrangements.

Small and medium game, such as squirrel and coyote, should be brought in whole and fresh.  Do not field dress.  If you cannot bring it in immediately, freeze it in a tight plastic  bag.

Birds are not field dressed.  Try to keep blood and dirt off the feathers.  If possible, bring in whole and fresh.  If you cannot come in immediately, simply freeze in a tight plastic bag.  If your turkey is brought in fresh, you may pick up the meat after we skin it.

Fish are not gutted or gilled.  Bring in immediately if possible.  Keep the fish wet and cool from the time you catch it until it is brought in or frozen.  If freezing is needed, wrap the fish in a soaking wet towel, place in a tight plastic bag and freeze as soon as possible.

For specimens taken out of the local area, refer to the field care

addressed on the Shipping page.